Monday, August 30, 2010

DIY: Refresh A Vintage Treasure

I knew that when I finally created a blog, I wanted to write about my mom's beautiful wedding veil. I adored it from the first time she let me try it on ( see second pic down..please excuse the awkward stage :)

One afternoon mom and I found ourselves standing over the stove 'brewing' her heirloom veil like two witches, and thanks to a simple bag of Rit White Wash, were able to remove the 30 years worth of yellowing to give me the perfect headpiece for my wedding. 

After the process was finished it turned out lovely, almost as if it were brand new. It was by far my most favorite DIY project to date. Moral of the story- don't be scared to try a DIY project with something that is meaningful to you, whether it be a piece of furniture or a garment. Go on...get to refreshing that heirloom!


  1. LOVE it! Especially that picture of Truby & Steve. They were just as sharp a couple then as now :)

  2. Love it.... very sentimental...very original... very special...Kattia

  3. That's gorgeous, and so special that it was your Mom's. Love it!


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