Monday, May 16, 2011

Eco-concrete bowls by my husband Josh!

Deep Wear $70
River Wok $65- SOLD
Tie Dye Wok $65
V Bowl $55

Ghost Bowl $50

Wok Canyon- SOLD

Deep Sapphire $80

Dessert Wok $60

Deep Speck $65
Simply Shallow Wok $40

I'm so very excited to show off a few of my husbands concrete creations that he's been working so hard on lately, they consist of items like garden planters, coffee table bowls, garden mushrooms, etc. all made with recycled materials. I'll admit that I've contributed a little too much to the recycled glass (a.k.a my crushed up wine bottles)! ;)

I also have to admit that every time Josh pulls another from its mold I find myself snatching them up. He keeps joking that they all keep 'disappearing'! Hey, they're just so dang versatile and look great in every area of the house..I can't help myself!

Each of these shown will be available soon in the Inspired House of Wright Etsy Shop!


  1. o wow! im impressed! i think these would be great for a table top planter full of succulents. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. How exciting!! I agree with Jillian, I am loving the Dessert Wok consumed with little plants. These make me want to spruce up my patio! Happy Monday!

  3. These are great. I can't wait to see the mushrooms!

  4. These are amazing! So gorgeous and unique.

  5. If I had money...a backyard, a porch even I'd totally buy one of these!

    You two are just two creative peas in a pod, now aren't ya?

  6. The deep speck one is amazing! I love the stand too, and the glass is like foraged beach glass! lovely x


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