Thursday, May 5, 2011

Say it in llama

 Why? Because llama's are awesome. Write out your llama message here. 

P.S. Thank you Julia for bringing this amazing font to my attention. Please forgive me if all my future emails are in llama.

P.S.S. Happy Cinco De Mayo Everyone...for the late person ;)


  1. I love that font! So adorable. :)

  2. The 'V' is my favorite!! :)

    Happy Cinco de Mayo to you too!!

  3. hahaha kinda amazing! strange story..growing up we had a llama for about 2 years. but then he started spitting on the cows (i wish i was lying) so we had to send him to another farm. ah well happy cinco! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. I love llama script! Haha it cracks me up, the font totally captures their awkwardness. I am new to your blog from Cornflake Dreams and it is adorable! Happy new follower!

  5. All your future emails better be in llama. See you tomorrow and good luck tonight!


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