Friday, August 24, 2012

before & after: vintage chair redo

One thing I love about living in Eufaula is the amazing thrift stores and, believe it or not, the random trash piles. Yes, I said trash piles. Maybe it's the large amount of elderly down here but it seems as if there are so many vintage pieces they discard, or maybe they do not know what they have? I'm not quite sure but I see so much potential!

Recently I ran up on this amazing little chair that my neighbor was sending to the trash (see??). Structurally it was in great shape and I just knew it needed to be in my living room. With a little bit of imagination, paint and fabric I was able to bring it back to life.

Have you brought new life into a discarded object lately?


  1. Rachel, that chair is amazing! You did a great job and it actually looks comfy. Can't believe someone just threw it out!

  2. i love thrifting as well! what an amazing find :)

  3. Amazing transformation, you turned your chair into a new one.

  4. Rachel, you are a cousin by marriage. I love what you did with the chair. My sister, Kathy Lipton, would be most interested in this, too, as she loves to design and make things beautiful. Eufaula is a beautiful place and it's nice to see you are settling in and "blooming where you're planted".


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