Thursday, January 10, 2013

Country Living

Pumpkin picking in a local patch
My canned pickled okra!

Blue LOOOVES the cotton field beside our house (not that you can tell or anything)
Get it HERE

Over the past few months I have been getting used to this new life called living in the middle of NOWHERE. It has had its up's and down's but altogether it has taught me quite a bit. I'm learning things like how to can and preserve food from my sweet 70 something neighbor, what processes it takes to prepare land to be farmed and how to live in a town that still lives off of roadside veggie stands and really lives off of it's own land and agriculture.

Yes, it has been quite a learning experience and with that comes a step back from technology (as you may have noticed) and me being a bit more removed from TV and computer. It has been altogether refreshing. I seriously suggest everyone do it for a bit, just to step back and learn things that you can't get from a web article or TV. You would be amazed at what you get from it. At first you might go through a "guilt" phase just because you feel as if the innerweb needs you (especially if you write a blog or are an avid Facebooker), but once you get past that you really start to see clearly. I definitely had a few weeks of "Are you ok? I just noticed you haven't been posting, tweeting, etc ."(Which in this day I guess means one is clearly unstable or having a secret life crisis??) It is sad, actually.

With this awakening of Josh and my back-to-basics life we have been on this kick of wanting to buy a mini-farm and live more self-sufficiently. If you're wanting to learn how to do anything from keeping a one acre farm to harvesting and storing food to keeping bees to making your own wine I HIGHLY suggest a book we have been reading called The Self-Sufficient Life And How To Live It by John Seymour, it's amazing!

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