Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIY: Simple New Year's Party Lanterns!

If you're having trouble coming up with a festive centerpiece or overall NYE party decorations you might want to try this extremely simple lantern tutorial.

All you need is...

• Tape or needle and thread
• Scissors
• Pack of foil doilies ( around $2 a pack, the larger ones work best)

Simply cut out the already made pattern and remove whatever parts you want light shining through. Tape together each 'leaf' or side with a small piece of tape or you can sew the ends if you wish. Add a metal bottom tea light candle and you're done!

I warned you it was simple, now go enjoy your handmade ambiance!

Photos and Tutorial Via http://www.makegrowgather.com/


  1. What a great idea! It's so beautiful!

  2. LOVE those!!

    So festive. :)

  3. Such a fun project. It's perfect for a New Years Eve party!!

    I shared it on my Tatertots and Jello facebook page and linked to you.


  4. what a fun idea!! I can' wait to go look at doilies! We're staying in this year, we have 2 little one but we can snazz up the movie room!

    I'm going to share the idea on my FB page too...I have friends who are more likely to entertain.

  5. so pretty! i need to try these :) thanks for sharing. xoxo jcd

  6. These are lovely!! Too bad I already made mine! May be next year :) Besos!


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