Monday, December 13, 2010

Stylish Winter Coat

This Christmas I've asked for a durable yet stylish winter jacket. I'm officially sick and tired of wearing my ratty ole' Northface jacket everyday to work (that I got 6 years ago in college no less). It just doesn't scream 'I'm a serious business woman' if ya know what I mean :) You can never go wrong with a good peacoat ( see J.Crew's version here).

What style of jacket is your main 'go-to' everyday?


  1. Justin did very well and got me a JCrew pea coat last year. I love it. I think you should splurge a staple, neutral color and then buy an Old Navy in a fun style/color.

    Like this one in BLUE:

    (Although it's practically sold out... anyway, that's my winter coat philosophy.)

  2. when its not bitter cold i wear a camel wool coat with a cute color from zara. however, lately in chicago the weather has been freezing so i have to bust out the shin length puffy black coat that just about everyone in this city has. anxiously awaiting spring! xoxo jcd

  3. vintage 20's houndstooth trench. Love it. Otherwise, black mid-length trench. A bit many trenches, me thinks.

  4. Hmm..great suggestion court!

    Jillian- I completely agree!


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