Friday, April 1, 2011

Check out our new fridge!!

Get yours HERE
 I am SO excited to tell you that I FINALLY got what I have been wanting for weeks ( ok..months)! My new William and Kate Commemorative Fridge was JUST delivered this morning (yay!).

I can't wait to walk into the kitchen every single morning and see this beauty! It's so stylish and brightens up any room. If you haven't gotten yours yet it's a MUST.

P.S. April Fools!! You didn't really think I'd go there..did ya?


  1. LMAO! Some sad little princess lover is going to buy that...

  2. I used to (okay, still maybe do) have a crush on Prince Wills! But even I couldn't spring for the commemorative 'fridge! I also laughed at the replica ring (only $19.95) I saw in a magazine! Can you say overkill??

  3. In my blog reader I just saw that you had a new fridge and I was so happy for you. New appliances are fun.
    I kinda feel like someone has this fridge and I'm scared.

    Happy April 1st! :)

  4. wonderchris- I completely agree and was hoping to GOD that my readers weren't one of them! Eek!

  5. LMAO! This was hilarious! Good one!

  6. I was worried for about half a second.

  7. Best. April. Fool's. Ever. Chic Rooms

  8. LOL that was really got me for a second there! i was beginning to think you were a little crazy :)

  9. Lmao! I was reading this and I'm thinking "..okay" but then I decided I would leave a comment anyway because I thought aww thats sweet she loves them THAT much. Then I saw April fools and started laughing.


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