Wednesday, April 27, 2011


While waiting to pay in the Subway sandwich line yesterday, the lady in front of me handed the cashier a $100 bill, to which the cashier informed her that they don't accept large bills. She tells them that she does not have her credit card on her and couldn't pay for her lunch (and then kindly proceeds to apologize to them for having to make the sandwich which I thought was SO sweet).

I felt so bad for her and didn't want to see her leave without her lunch so I quickly jumped in and told her that I would pay for it. We've all been in this situation before, right? She thanked me over and over again and offered to send me money, which I turned down. I didn't think any further (other than feeling good about helping someone out) and went on my merry way. A few short hours later I get the email below with this gift certificate from Lux Day Spa.

Hi Rachel,

Thank you so very much for what you did today at Subway.   I really appreciate it.  You are so generous and kind. Please accept this Spa Gift Certificate for your random act of kindness and my appreciation.

-Emily Bush

What random act of kindness have you done lately?

P.S. If you live in my area go to Lux Day Spa, it's run by amazingly kind individuals!


  1. Okay, this is too funny. I saw where Emily posted about this (from her point of view) on her FB page. So when I clicked on your page this morning, it all came full circle! I had no idea it was you. Talk about a small world!

    Good for you for being nice! It does pay off :)

  2. oh my gosh, are you serious?! What a small world we live in!!

  3. I learned a lot about karma 2 weekends ago. So I was flying out of Birmingham @ 5:00 to get to my bachelor party in Las Vegas. Amongst all of the tornadoes and storms that where going around we were managing to take off one time. As the thrusters roared for take off, the plane started to shake violently and then screeched to a stop. Our front axle had bent and the wheel almost fell off! After 1 1/2 hours of waiting I finally got back to the ticket counter. The ticket agent said everything was booked and the earliest I would get in tomorrow was 12 noon, missing about 1/2 of my own bachelor weekend. Then she found a chance in Atlanta. So I flew to ATL and waited at #5 on stand by. Not looking good so I went to the bar. I talked to a guy next to me and told him my story. A few minutes after finishing the story the lady next to me told the bartender that she wanted to buy my next drink. After talking for a few minutes she told me that she was on the same flight as me with a confirmed seat and that she wanted to give me her spot. I couldnt believe it! She said she was fine with flying out the next day and that it would be nice if the airline extended her the comped hotel but if not no big deal. After discussing it with the ticket agent and her supervisor they told us that we would have to wait till everyone was boarded except for me and then she would switch our tickets and let me on. We exchanged emails and numbers and I was finally able start boarding the plane @ 11:45pm and I couldn't have been happier. As I waited on the ramp to the plane, a passenger in front of me asked why I was hugging and thanking the lady before I got on. In the middle of telling her my story, the lady who gave me her seat came walking down the ramp. The airline was able to get her on ahead of another passenger that was yelling at the ticket agent and they also bumped her to first class! After giving her a huge hug she said to me,"I didn't want to tell you this earlier because you would not have taken the ticket but there is a good reason I am going to Las Vegas and ultimately why I felt I needed to give you my ticket. A day ago my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he has about 1 1/2 weeks left to live. I am flying out to see him in Las Vegas but in his honor I know that he would have wanted me to give you my ticket so that you could go enjoy your one and only bachelor party with your friends." I couldn't believe this ladies generosity and after I teared up for a second and gave her another hug. I ended up getting to Vegas @ 2am was met at the airport by a limo packed with 10 of my best friends. I packed on a ton of karma from that trip and I intend to pay every bit of it forward.

  4. Ben, Rusty told me that story and my mouth was wide open. How amazing. I'm sure you're going to pay it back. I have also been sworn to secrecy of your 'Hangover Part 2' Las Vegas weekend ;)

  5. omg how sweet of you AND her!! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  6. Ah! I love stories like this! People need more warm fuzzies like this every day, way to follow your heart!

  7. That's awesome!

    When we were returning from our anniversary trip last fall, we had a lengthy layover in Miami and decided to go out for dinner. On the plane, the lasy next to me started up a conversation in which she told us she lived near the reaturant we were headed toward. She offered us a ride, and we tried our best to politely refuse- but she and her boyfriend insisted. We were unaware that since we were on an international flight, our luggage had to be claimed, instead of just transferred. Thankfully her BF was an American Airlines employee and walked us through the steps. They were so sweet to take us straight to the restaurant. Later that night, after arriving home in ATL, we were on our shuttle back to our hotel/car when we discovered a pitiful French couple who were completely lost on our bus. Their flight had been postponed tothe next day and the airline had gotten them a hotel, but it was much farther south than the busdriver was willing to take them. Under "normal" circumstances we would have NEVER offered a ride to strangers, but after the kind act from the people in Miami- we though we should pass on the kindness. The people were so thankful and we were glad to be able to help! God works in mysterious ways! :)

  8. WOW! That was so nice of you and so sweet of her to find you and send you a thank you gift. That's amazing!

  9. Such an fabulous post. I love reading things like this!

  10. Wow!! Thats awesome! You deserve a massage anyway...I can now move my legs without having to use my hand to move them for I guess what I'm trying to say is, I hope it gets rid of all the Callaway soreness extreme! I saw on FB where she talked about you today haha

  11. wow that is so neat. how did she find you?

  12. Aww love stories like that. I was seeing a friend off at an airport a few years ago and an older woman approached me and asked if I would mind mailing a pocketknife (which had significant family importance) to her in California since she obviously couldn't get it through security. The woman tried to give me money for the postage, but I refused telling her to "pay it forward". Though my "act of kindness" was small, to this day we still email and facebook each other, even though we are thousands of miles apart and have only met that once, we remain friends.


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