Wednesday, September 21, 2011


All of my friends and family know what a harvest geek I am. I LOVE FALL. I love the pumpkins, the chill in the air, Halloween, oh, I just adore it!

With that being said, I want to go ALL OUT with pumpkins this year. I've already begin my collection this weekend, scooping up 4 little guys for my yard.

Josh always warns me of my harvest obsession because I start too soon ( I can't help myself!!). By October 31st last year I was throwing my half-rotten pumpkins out on Halloween day because I was so sick of looking at them! Oh well, sometimes you never learn :/

(via Martha


  1. I especially love white pumpkins. And gourds, I always HAVE to have those funky shaped gourds!

  2. Oh I love the pumpkins too! I wish they celebrated Halloween in Australia!!

  3. I'm loving the drink pumpkin case. Those people are crafty alright.

    - Sarah

  4. Oh what snazzy ideas!!!

  5. I'm so excited it's fall. I love decorating with pumpkins and all things autumnal!

  6. Pumpkins are fun, I like the ones in the first few pics, and love the glitter pumpkin idea. I may have to try that this year... !

  7. those are so cute! i would love to have some pumpkins around the place but there is a shortage and they're really hard to find down here.

    life spelled jen

  8. LOVE all the pumpkins! The beer bucket is a great festive! Would love to have you link up to my Fall 5 today! Found your blog through glad I did! Happily following from now on! :)

  9. gahhhhh! i love love LOVE pumpkins. i collect them too. is that weird? i'm so excited for fall!

  10. love these pumpkin ideas :) my boyfriend has a flower market and this fall he will be selling all kinds of pumpkins, gourds, etc. can't wait :) that last photo is a cute display.


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