Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update! Update!

So I had every intention to post over the holidays but time just got away from me. We have been bizzzy to say the least!

How was your holiday? Did Santa bring you everything you ever wanted? One of my most favorite gifts was from my future brother-in-law, this beautiful clutch from k.slademade!

Can I just say thank Gawd it's a new year? 2011 was pretty good but I'm glad to see it go. We have so much fun changes coming in the new year like buying our first home and Josh finally becoming a working Pharmacist! 


  1. Happy 2012, Rachel! Sounds like you have lots of great things in store for you guys this year! Can't wait to hear about them all!

  2. Welcome back! It hope it's a good 2012 for you!

  3. I was just thinking the other day you haven't posted in a while. Welcome back. The holidays were great, and happy new year to you.

  4. Rachel!!! You're back!! I missed your posts...please don't be gone so long again! Glad to see you. :)


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