Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who can help me save this goose?

Random post..I'm trying to take this issue viral. I posted a few ads on Craigslist over the course of a few days about a goose my mom and I have been trying to catch for a few months at Idle Hour Park in Phenix City. She has her poor little leg bound so tightly with fishing line and nobody to help her. I've been told numerous times by the security guards and animal control that they are going to get her but they never do. It was picked up by the Ledger Enquirer team, you can see the article here. Thank God someone will help me to at least spread the word. Here is my YouTube videos on her, she's so cute...I named her Lucy :)

Top Pic via Melanie Stratton


  1. Lucy is adorable...poor baby!! I would help you in a heartbeat and I am frightened of birds. Perhaps there are 3 or 4 people that can corral and then net her? It would only take a second to snip the fishing line off her...poor girl.

  2. Way to's on the FRONT PAGE OF THE PAPER today! You rock. Thanks for pushing until the right thing is done!

  3. That is so commendable of you to bring heart to a subject so many people have probably walked by. I really hope this mission is successfull, keep us updated on sweet Lucy!

  4. Oh and I'm not sure what I can do physically but if there is anything I can do since I'm in AU let me know -

  5. That makes me a little mad that through all of your requests and care they go unnoticed. I'm glad, however, that someone finally took notice and helped out. What a sweet soul you are to care and take this one as far as it needed to go to get someone to help out. I'm glad to hear it has a chance now!

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