Friday, February 3, 2012

My goose problem is now front page news!

Update on Lucy the Goosey: To my surprise today, I was given the morning paper at lil goose has made front page news! Thank you so much to Tim Chitwood at The Ledger Enquirer for the article (and trying to catch her himself!). Also, a big thank you to Chuck Leonard and Laura Ann Sills with WTVM News for being on the spot with cameras rolling, you might have caught the segment about it tonight on the news ( with me and my mom being interviewed). The game warden, Officer Jolley, was on hand and had made it his mission...he sat there all day today trying to get her, I never heard that he caught her today. He's probably sick of everyone contacting him about it ( thank you!:) He tried a few times while I was there but had to resort to changing into camo and hiding..she is a smart gal and recognizes a net! He wants to get her and take her to the state facility to be treated and re-released. A wildlife licensed expert by the name of Chris Ferguson met me last night to analyze her and said that her leg doesn't look salvageable at will probably need to be amputated. But as long as we can get her treated she will be fine with a little peg leg..we just have to make sure the infection doesn't continue to go to the rest of her body, which could kill her if we don't get her soon. More to come! P.S. A HUGE thank you to Lisa Parrish with Animal Ark Rescue for networking and getting the word out!


  1. YOU GO, RACHEL!! That is awesome! Your perseverance is so admirable. Front page news!! Keep it up - she will have a new leg very soon.

  2. Savior of injured fowl everywhere. I gave the article a "gander" and was very proud of my little sister. Goose Humor? No? Ok, sorry....

  3. Proud of you :) Your karma is beautiful!

  4. congratulations!!!


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