Thursday, February 23, 2012



I have been wanting to share pics of my little finned friends for a while now and finally got around to getting some pictures. Gimme a break, I've been B-U-S-Y. I know what you're thinking, fish suck. But mine don't. They actually have the funniest personalities and are so much fun to watch!

My big boy ( a 6" goldfish) is my little pride and joy..his name is Mad Max. He rules the tank! Josh thinks I'm crazy because when he passes I'm going to try to get him taxidermied (He's a freakishly big goldfish and I'm proud dammit!). My two other little goldies are named Junior ( the white one with the orange head) and Julie ( the all orange little gal).  Junior is just now growing into his brain and is in that weird teenage stage...he looks so funny. They all follow Max everywhere and swim through the tank as a little unit, it's so cute.

My other one, well, he has a story. Sunny was tiny and in bad shape at a petstore (in the goldfish aquarium of death) when I was picking up supplies. I asked them if I could have him for 99 cents and they agreed. Come to find out he was actually a KOI! He thinks he is a fancy goldfish but this spring he will find out that he in fact isn't when I release him into his new home, an actual koi pond.

Do you have pets that you are sort of obsessed with? :)


  1. That's a really cute story, and yes I don't usually think much about fish, but when you put their names and attitudes behind them I fell in love. I also enjoyed the pictures. I'm a total pug freak. I love my dog as if she were actually my first born, so I understand the bet obsessions.

  2. These are the coolest pictures ever!!! I love the last one with them all saying hi hehe.

    - Sarah

  3. They are gorgeous. Bet you they have a lot of fun together. We have a turtle. She's awesome.

  4. Your fish are beautiful! I love that you can see their personalities! Most people can't see that.


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