Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Amazing Pencil Sculptures of Dalton J. Paul Getty

The Pencil –  a tool used for painting, drawing, or putting down notes in the margins, but not to Dalton Getty. To him it's a whole new medium of modern art. 

Dalton is a 45-year-old resident of Bridgeport who turns ordinary pencils into miniature sculptures, without using a magnifying glass He works very slowly and does not use any special tools: for he needed only a blade, a sewing needle and a very bright light. To protect his vision, the author works for one and half hours a day. One tiny sculpture may take several months, and one creation may take Dalton 2 and a 1/2 years.

Dalton believes that his sculptures are forcing people to stay for at least a few moments to escape from the mad rhythm of modern life and see the beauty in miniature detail.

All I can say is that this man has extreme patience!


  1. These are amazing. My husband found them a few weeks ago. The ABCs were our desktop background for a while.

  2. amazing! think of how easy it is to break a! this was very cool to see!

  3. Wow, those are amazing! I can't imagine working on one without a magnifying glass!


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