Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Introducing: New Blog Header

Hello dear friends, tonight is my official introduction to my new blog header. Blog header, meet my new friends. Friends, meet new blog header. Now we're all friends. I know your probably wondering why I'm changing it after such a short period of time, I'll take this moment to explain..

When I started my blog my main focus was to concentrate on fashion +  interior design and ways to inspire my readers in their everyday lives. I loved the look of the famous Barcelona Chair and thought it would be perfect to incorporate into my design. As time went on I found that I wasn't focusing on fashion and interior design as much as I had planned ( Blame the extreme ADD!), nor was I really pushing to inspire my readers with a magical post everyday. So, I figured I would redesign my header to suit the overall 'feel' of my blog a little better. Let's just say I'm switching from my black work trousers ( Yuck)  to my everyday comfy jeans. Hope you all enjoy!

Now, feel free to take a moment with old blog header if you need it.


  1. Love it Rachel! Such a cute picture of you and Josh... :)

  2. Thanks so much, I was nervous about changing it!

  3. so cute...I love the new header!!

  4. Thanks Holly St. !

    P.S. Is your name Holly? I didn't see it on your blog profile but just wanted to make sure before I said THANKS HOLLY!

  5. Love the new header (you guys are so cute!) and love the post. xx


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