Wednesday, October 6, 2010

8 Answers to 8 Questions:

Simply Amy @ has asked me to answer 8 questions about myself. Who could ever turn down a chance to let your readers get to know you a little better? Amy, I accept your challenge!

What is the best gift you ever got for Christmas?
 I can't say. They are all special in their own way from different people.

If you could start your own business what would it be?
 A Specialty Print's in the works and I should have a few prints available soon! See just one of many below!


What is your biggest pet peeve?


Did you accomplished your 2010 New Year Resolution?
For the first time in my life I can say YES I DID! It was to put myself out there more and stop second guessing myself so much. Take a chance, so to speak. And this blog is part of that. It's a very vulnerable feeling and I don't like it sometimes, but I'm pushing myself everyday.

Post a picture of your favorite Halloween decoration in your house.
I don't really have any in my house but I do have this big bowl of candy I'm obsessing over. I always insist on 'putting out the candy for the kids' about three weeks early.

Why, you ask?

(Deeep breath).........Because I crave chocolate every single day in this damn month because the bags are screaming at me to buy them in every store I walk in and you can only get the fun sizes around Halloween which I've been bitter about for years so I hoard them for the entire month of October and eat about 15 fun sized pieces a day until I never want to see the word FUN SIZE again.

What was your favorite vacation?
 My Honeymoon. And I'm not just saying that because I'm supposed to. Best time ever.

What is your favorite food?
Chicken Salad.
(I could eat my weight in that shiz, fo real.)

What is your favorite picture? 
I can't decide as far as home decor goes ( I have too many..see here). 

I'm going to say I have two. Let me set up the scenario for the first one: 

You take your boat out on a beautiful summer day to catch some rays and relax. Your husband spots a cliff and exclaims "I'm going to try a gainer off that!". Immediately I'm thinking that I don't like the words try, gainer and cliff together in one sentence. After blowing it off because I know he's too smart to try it due to the fact that his medical insurance is still pending I grab my camera start snapping away. I quickly see him do some crazy move off of the rock, thinking he's just waiving his limbs while doing a normal jump and then I see him come up, relieved that he's ok. Later, I decide to flip through our photos and stumble upon one where I saying, "What the hell is that? Is that a human? Are those arms?!" Then I zoom in even closer to find this:

It doesn't look like he came out alive based on his technique but he somehow landed it without injury. And no, he's never doing this again as long as I'm still breathing.  My cousin, ( to the right of the limb ball) told me afterwards that she swore she was seeing my husband leap to his death.

My second most favorite picture is this awesomely ridiculous candid of me and future hubby in middle school.

Braces- Check
Jorts- Check
Bowl Cut +  Extremely high Undercut - Check


  1. And like always, I have to add, "YOU CUT ME OUT!"

    Your comments on that Halloween candy make me feel like modern-day martyr for giving you my Halloween treat bag so many years ago....

    Ah, the redundancy of memory! :)

  2. I pop over here every now & then. Came her today via Lupine's blog - & enjoyed your post. Certainly feel like I know you better after reading it .... & your husband too -- I figure he must be insane?!...just kidding :)

  3. lovely print, can't wait to see your shop


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