Monday, September 20, 2010

Take a peek inside our first little home...

I have just recently finished decorating our new little abode. It's pretty small (or "quaint" rather?), but works for just myself, my hubby and our two mutts. Wanna take a look?

The best thing about our house is everything we own tells a little story. From random shells across the sea, to furniture picked up off the side of the road.

This strange (yet lovely) print was given to me by my best friend whose husband (Dan Grillet), is a photographer. Isn't it odd/awesome?

I just love my Ikea magnetic knife rack. $14.99 soo well spent.

I love mixing old items with new. These green vintage vases were actually found thrown out on the side of the road by my thrifty husband!

You gotta love the terrible 80's family photos.

For some reason, the rest of my family didn't get the 'Look as if you are about to get eaten' memo. Or maybe I'm just a tad bit over the top? Ok. Dramatic (if you must).

Here's one of my new prints ( with my beloved West Elm print..look how nice they play). Check back regularly for a giveaway!

A close up of one of  the vintage green vase (a.k.a the out-of-the-trash find). It cleaned up so nicely!

Ahh..relaxing bedroom. It's hard to go in this room if you aren't really ready for bed. It's very calming. We picked a cool, natural palette of rich colors of navy, chocolates, whites and a touch of green for fun :)

This is the now infamous crazy clown print pawned off given to us by my sweet mother-in-law. Josh's father picked  him up at a thrift store one day and brought him home, much to her demise. This poor little guy sat upstairs in the floor (faced to the wall) for years due to the fact that my mother-in-law thought he was creepiest thing she had ever seen!

Needless to say, he ended up at our house and is fitting in pretty well around here. I love Mr. Creepy Clown and he's happy that he has a home now.

And last but not least, our most favorite spot..our awesome porch!

P.S. Emma couldn't stand it and had to make her photo debut. She smiles so pretty don't ya think?

I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse into our humble little abode!


  1. Love your new prints!

    The house is so very cute. A perfect "first home"...

  2. Your house is gorgeous. It belongs in a magazine. And I love that little {!} Emma.

    BTW...the clown is scary!


  3. Very nicely put together. Thanks for the tour.


  4. Such a pretty home and my favorite is the clown painting.

  5. your house is crazy good! I need one of those H is for Happy for this house! We are da Holloways...we love "H"s. fun blog!

  6. Thanks for all the sweet comments everyone! I was a little worried about what people might think ( as I always am when posting). I will have my H is for Happy print available sooon! Thanks again for all the warm wishes! :)

  7. Very nice! I love your style, how you tie in the old with the new! Very nice! Stopping by from All things related.

  8. gorgeous! those vases are awesome finds. i love it.

  9. I'm trying desperately hard to not fly into a rage of jealousy right now.


    I'm failing miserably! Your house is amazing!!! You have such a great eye for design.

    I can't even write any more, I'm so filled with sorrow as I look around my mismatched haphazard apartment ...

    Call Me Ishmael

  10. Pamela- I'm crying right now because I'm laughing so hard. I bet your apartment looks so cute. I swear, I feel the same way! I think everyone wants what they don't have, it's just human nature. :) Thanks for the comment, that made my night!

  11. i luv ladies and gents like yourself that have this easy breezy effortless design knack.

    i grew up in a home filled with george straight t shirts and knick knacks in our china cabinet that were seriously little the little mexican gangsters you can get in gumball machines. needless to say i don't have the genes for it, but i appreciate it in others.

    lovely abode dawling!

  12. Adore your landscape paintings and your style!!Beautiful job!!

    Come and enter my new Giveaway....I know you will love it!!

    Art by Karena

  13. Oh how i wish my first home had just looked this well thought out and put together. It's splendid!

  14. I'd love to have you join my weekly meme, Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. Emma is gorgeous! What a beautiful face.

  16. LOVE the poooouf! and your bedroom rug! thanks for sharing :) xoxo jcd

  17. Thanks for stopping by!
    I'm also loving the CB2 Pouffff!....especially in orange. It's becoming a favorite accent color of mine these days :)

  18. your home is beautiful! i love mixing old & new as well.

  19. Very cute house Rachel! Love your dog too. So cute!

  20. I LOVE your house. And your husband is Josh too? Yay for Joshua's! :)

  21. I havr the same clown painting in my apartment. Ive been trying to find information about it ever since I fou.d it at a flea market..but no luck. Do you know anything about it? Artist? Or anything.


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