Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Lord, It's Finally Here


I feel like yelling at fall like a mother who has lost her child in a department store. Fall!? Where have you been? Bad fall. Bad, bad baad fall. Don't you do that to me again! You hear me? Do you know how worried I was? You stay right here from now on.

Fall is my most favorite season of the year. The clothes! The leaves! The air! Ahhhhh, I can finally breathe! And Alabama's record high summer sure doesn't help. Fall, I shall embrace you with every fiber of my being...

I'm so excited for it that have decided to embrace Jeggings! It's Fall..we're all having fun here..let's go crazy...rock on, Weeew.

Ok, seriously. Who am I kidding. Really. Really Rachel? Jeggings? I got a little ahead of myself. Jeggings + 5'3" stumps don't really work. But I was seriously pondering the thought because fall makes me do crazy things. Fall makes me feel all wild and free and windblown.

 Another reason why I love fall is the pumpkins. You gotta love the sight of a pumpkin. Every time I see the pumpkins sitting, waiting to be carved, I immediately squeal and squeeze Josh's arm at the thought of a romantic pumpkin carving evening.What do men not get about the romantic pumpkin carving evening?  Sip some wine, gently carve the faces, laugh and play and maybe throw a seed on each other, right? Right?

Um. No.

Our 'romantic pumpkin carving night' usually starts off well. We have our advanced pumpkin-carving template and carving utensils ready to go and we have a whole lot of hope. Then the carving begins....

We quickly lose patience and start stabbing the hell out of our pumpkins, angry that it is taking so long... covered in pumpkin goo. We realize our advanced pumpkin carving techniques have turned into us just trying to make a normal looking pumpkin face with a freaking steak knife. Then, the top doesn't fit or either falls down into the pumpkin and we're even more frustrated. I guess you could say it's not that romantic. But in my mind, every year, I have hope. So this year, it's going to be soo romantic. I can feel it.

And after it's all said and done, the throwing of the rotten pumpkin is quite enjoyable.

 And the Octoberfest brews! Mmmm...gotta love 'em.

And the leaves!

And the dog costumes!

So once again, I embrace you fall. You're going to be so much fun this year.


  1. Cute post! See? You CAN write! This was great writing! (okay, English teacher, STOP!)

    YOU GET AN A+!!!!!!!

    I especially like that little pumpkin with half his face chopped out.

  2. ha ha.....too funny. this brought a smile to my face. i always think that pumpkin carving will be a great time too but lose patience and wonder mindless into another room to do....well anything but carve a pumpkin! think i might run out and purchase some of those mini pumpkins to dress the cute are they? saw the idea to wrap a halloween inspired ribbon around the middle of them....might try that instead this year.
    happy carving...hope it's as romantic as you dream it will be!

  3. Aww thanks Court! I swear, I'm going to post this where I can read it everyday...I needed to hear that :)

    Katrina- I just picked some of those up too. I love em! Thanks for the well wishes for that romantic night haha!


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