Monday, October 18, 2010

In The Spirit of Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween I wanted to show all of you this crazy pic. Note: It HAS NOT been digitally enhanced!

Here's the story.

On our way to check out Maine wedding destinations, my mom and I decided to visit the Portland Head Light, as we tried to take in as much of New England as we could. A close distance to the lighthouse sits the Ruins of Fort Williams ( below). Being the daredevil that my mom (Truby) is, she didn't blink when I dared her to walk down the dark corridor in the fort. I have extreme claustrophobia by the way and the thought of stepping one foot in that fort's darkness made me want to puke.

In an instant Truby has made her way in the fort, cell phone in hand, and in her southern sassy voice is egging the spirits on and demanding them to take a picture with her (while she checks her text messages of course). I picked up my camera and started shooting into the darkness as my mom continues sassing the spirits. And this is what I caught. Never again will I pick on ghosts to show themselves. And trust me, I understand if you're skeptical because I'm still not sure if I believe my eyes! When quickly I told my mom I think that I caught something she quickly replied " Oh, shoot. You can't see that I forgot to put on lipstick can you?"


  1. You've officially given me the Halloween heebie jeebies! And what a moment, something you can always savor with your mum :)

  2. Yeah, ok, i'm officially freaked! I don't think i believe in things like that either, but that's just spooky!! xx

  3. Oh MY! I was looking over some pics on iphoto the other night, pictures I had shot at dinner at our 1800s house last week....I saw a face in the background too, it was so scary I slammed my computer shut and ran to bed to curl up next to my husband. even left the lights on. I never leave the lights on. This has happened a few times before. Yesterday morning in the bright light of day I looked at the photos again and sure enough there is a face floating in the background. I should post that on my blog...wonder who else has creatures stirring about this time of year...

  4. Eek! I don't know that I believe in ghosts, but I would REALLY like to keep the unknown, well, unknown! I'm terrified that I'm going to see something in my 100-year-old house one day.


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