Monday, November 8, 2010

Behold: The Lost In Sofa Chair

Lost In Sofa Chair
I stumbled upon this chair recently and couldn't help but to be mesmerised. How many times have you cursed your couch for eating your remote?  Well now, you don't have to!

Behold, the Lost In Sofa chair, created by design studio Daisuke Motogi Architecture. Their philosophy is simple: Own those cracks.
Whats your thoughts?


  1. I love it, but imagine the crumbs that would get caught in the cracks - I suppose a no eating rule would have to be instated. I'd sit in it sideways and tuck my feet in the side...while I got lost in a good book!! :D

  2. Wonderchris- that sounds like a good plan!

  3. Haha, own those cracks! Gotta love the mind who thought this up. I like wonderchris's plan too :)

  4. Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment! and for leading me here to your fabulous blog. I know I shall visit often!

  5. lol...i write for a fitness blog called fit bottomed girls...we like to own cracks too.

    THEN i just went to a book launch party for a piece of fiction called _a crack in everything_. had to share your post with her...we should all own our cracks : )

  6. Haha this is great! I always lose my phone in my chair.


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