Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Congrats Royal Lovebirds!

I'm sure you've already seen it on every channel but in the case you have been living under a rock, Price William just proposed to his 'commoner' girlfriend Kate Middleton. Now what's so funny to me is how every media outlet keeps referring to her as a 'commoner'. I realize it just means that she doesn't already have a title but seriously folks, isn't there another name you can call the poor girl? l As if we live in the dark ages and they're marrying to form alliances between two countries? Pu-leez.

Enough about that...let's talk about something more fun. Oh, I know. That a-mazing rock!


  1. Seriously - the commoner title is so laughable. Just a commoner...really?!? I know they aren't belittling her - but it sounds so archaic.

    Maybe just call her a beautiful young woman - because that she is!!

  2. I find the commoner thing so hilarious! Since I'm with a British guy, I ask him about these oddities sometimes, and this time, all he could do was shrug. I guess it's a media thing!

  3. Princess' Di's old rock... and my favorite headline so far has been: "Unemployed English Girl to Wed Soldier from Welfare Family". (and yes, technically, the royal family is on welfare-the queen recently had to ask for gov. money to heat her palace).

  4. Duchess- are you serious!!! OMG, I guess you would know better than anyone!

  5. I'm a little embarrassed at how excited I am over this! But the whole commoner thing is definitely ridiculous and she could be the future queen someday!

  6. ha, indeed, I am most serious. Have a look at this link:

    p.s. who would have thought that Harry would have turned out to be the most attractive one?

  7. Seriously amazing, Love it! I think it's so cute, even if that does make me a bit of a lame romantic! x


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