Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank You!

My sweet friend over at Notes From Holly St. has given me the honor of The Versatile Blog & Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you dear friend! And while I'm still scratching my head as to why, I am so proud and thankful for the continued loyalty and support I get everyday.

To complete my acceptance I must post 7 facts about myself. Here ya go!

1. I can say my ABC's backwards in less than 15 seconds.

2. My husband has been my best friend since middle school.

3. My favorite foods are chicken salad and cereal.

4. When I moved to Atlanta to go to college at The Art Institute I didn't know a single soul in the city or in school. I'll admit it now..I was scared to death.

5. I have a weird gift of communicating with animals. My mom says she used to catch me in our pasture, surrounded by cows. I would have baby calves sucking on my fingers and would be chatting it up with 'their parents' ( as I called them), amazingly I never got trampled!

6. One of my top life goals is to find a meteorite.

7. Growing up I wanted to be named Julie so bad that instead of changing my name ( like I wanted), I just used the name for every pet I owned. I owned Julie the dog, Julie the fish, Julie the rabbit, Julie the bird, Julie the frog and Julie the fish.

Hope you have learned a little more about me with these silly little facts. And thank you again my dear readers for all of your wonderful emails and sweet comments, I live for them! I plan on posting a few photos from our awesome Thanksgiving vacay tomorrow. I hope you have a great day!


  1. Aw, very sweet learning more about you! Hope you're recovering from Thanksgiving holiday and that your Tuesday is awesome!

  2. I'm completely jealous of your animal communication skills. It may be my number one wished for super power.

    Great little tidbits, and good luck with the meteorite!

  3. great list! :) I'm so impressed that you can say that alphabet backwards and it's so sweet that you and your husband have been best friends since middle school...i love that!


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