Friday, July 15, 2011

Travel wish

Instead of going to work today, I'm wishing I was swimming with the manatees in a beautiful foreign country. Oh how I wish! :)

Remember me telling you about Josh and my trip to mine gemstones? I just got six of them back that I had cut and I can't wait to show you, they're GORGEOUS! I'll be sure to post pics next week.

Happy Friday friends!

(image via here)


  1. growing up I decided Manatees were my favorite animal- no idea why, but i required the manatee stuffed animals and all when visiting sea world and bush gardens as a kid-- this picture is a childhood dream!

  2. That looks like fun!! And I can't wait to see pictures of the jewels! :) By the way, I just discovered a third blogger whose husband is Joshua. I'm sure there are more, it's a common name, but I thought it was cool. :) Here's her blog:

  3. Oh my goodness...what an amazing photo- heaven!

  4. Count me in for a trip like that (sans the manatees of course! haha), it's coold and gloomy here in Buenos Aires, so I'd love a nice dose of sun and sea.
    Besos and have a great weekend!

  5. That looks a little ridiculous... in a good way : )

  6. OMG yes please, how cool is that! i love manatees!
    and i cant wait to see the stones :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  7. This is beautiful! How I wish I was there! Loving your blog.

  8. Wow that is an amazing photo, and I love your blog header. :)

    The Cat Hag

  9. that is AWESOME!!

    wow I love the picture so much ahha.

  10. oh my!!! that looks so amazing! i think i would be too scared to do that. on a side not...super cute blog

  11. yes please!

    xo Jackie


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