Monday, July 25, 2011

Glasses Trend

They say ( who 'they' are is still unknown) that tan glasses are the new big thing and the dark rimmed glasses like these are out. What do you say? A fan of the newest glasses trend or still trying to get used to the oversized nerdy glasses as a whole?

Just do me a favor and skip the horn-rimmed glasses with your evening dress ( like this). Yuck.


  1. definitely like the lighter coloured framed better! they make less of a bold statement.
    xo dana

  2. I've never been a fan of big-framed glasses in general. I think they draw too much attention to themselves and away from a person's eyes (which, in my opinion, are the most beautiful feature of any person). If glasses are necessary, personally, I like them to be as minimal as possible.

    Now, some people like to make a fashion statement with their glasses, and that's fine. If they MUST go with the big ones, I do like the lighter ones better. Those big dark ones on the lovely Anne Hathaway...ugh!! And certainly NOT with the evening dresses. No. Just no. :)

    I switched to wearing contacts for good reason... :D

  3. PSH! I so had the tan kind and they BROKE so I bought some black ones to replace them because I couldn't find anymore tan. Grrr. haha!

  4. I don't wear glasses (I should say I don't "need" them), so I guess I never really give as much thought to it. And I can't seem to get myself to wear "fake" glasses. So... But if you want my opinion on sunglasses, I could go on for hours. One of my weaknesses... along with many others : )

  5. The girl you posted looks cute in them! I couldn't pull them off, but I do like the tan/brown better than black!

  6. I've gone for the brown-toned all along to compliment my hair :)

    Anne's intellectual evening dress look wouldn't have been so bad if the dress didn't look like it came straight from the Goodwill reject pile. It's awful!

  7. I have white & black rimmed ones which are a little different but I like them :) x

  8. I agree with Courtney! I wear darker frames because of my hair color. Mine are dark tortoiseshell with light gray legs. They are by Anne Et Valentine and I really like them! I hope "they" would approve.


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