Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm Back! {And I missed you!}

My dear friends! Oh, how I've missed you! I never knew how much blogging meant to me until I took this little two week break. With that being said, I wanted to kick off my first post filling you in with what I've been doing...

This weekend we went to our house on Lake Martin for some serious R&R. I managed to dig down to my deep southern roots and pretty much drank cold ones on the river banks all day (how classy do I look by the way?).

Josh, on the other hand, managed to conquer every cliff on the river.

And the pups? Well, they just oversaw the entire operation :)

Besides our river time we've been going to downtown Columbus, Georgia's Saturday market to sell Josh's wares. A sweet lady who owns a gallery in midtown Columbus asked if he'd be interested in having a few of his creations in her shop. So now we can say that he's officially in a gallery!

All in all, this break was very much needed. Sometimes I like to think I'm Superwoman and end up spreading myself too thin. I've really enjoyed this time working hard on our new website ( I can't WAIT for you to see it!) and should have it ready to reveal in the next two weeks.

What have you been doing since I've been away? I wanna know!


  1. I was just wondering what happened to you lol...(Blogger relationships are creepy...lol why was I wondering that?!)

    Anywho, glad you're back. I've been up to NOTHING! lol

  2. ps only i would spell my name incorrectly.

  3. Looks like a fun vacation! And I love your comment-message. :D

  4. I love your blog's header! So sweet and romantic! Looks like such a fun trip! xoxoxoo

  5. that looks so perfect! I had to skip out on my family's lounging at the river this weekend, which was sad :(

    {PS- I sent you an email back. it may have gone into your junk email again}

  6. Oh how I love that Lake! I did the same thing Thurs-Mon... no shame!


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