Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Horn-Rimmed Glasses: Love or Leave?

It seems like the black horn-rimmed glasses trend just keeps growing. I just gotta know, what do you really think? Are you for or against the latest accessory trend?

Here's my take: If you're going to wear them then at least for the love of God make me believe that you have a damn eyeglass prescription to your name. I'm saying this because very recently I was talking with a guy who was wearing some but didn't have lenses in them. I couldn't even concentrate on our intellectually stimulating conversation. All I wanted to do was poke my tiny finger through his oversized frames and say um..excuse me, you don't have any lenses in those things.


  1. hahha i dont wear glasses...and i would NEVER try to wear them without lenses. epic fail.
    but for people who do wear glasses i think they are cute...if you generally have a funky/hip personality. otherwise might look like you stole grandpas glasses.. :) xoxo jcd

  2. I DO have a prescription and wear contacts 12 hours a day... and I LOVE the horn-rims! They're so Kate Spade-- coincidentally one of the few designers I L-O-V-E :)

  3. It should be illegal to wear these.

  4. lol Before lasik I had some and I hearted them, but alas I'd never fake the funk and wear them sans prescription. That's a wangster move I think...

    Hipsters...I tell you what.

  5. I love them! But I completely agree with you-- they MUST have a prescription let alone LENSES in them. Please, at least try to fool us!

  6. i am totally in love with them. i do agree they at least need lens. i wear contacts, and actually hate wearing my prescription glasses bc if i look sideways i am totally blind... weird i know.

    sooo sometimes i wear my contacts with cool non-scripted frames. that way i can still see. i'm a faker what can i say.

  7. Hmmm...Not sure what I think about horn-rimmed glasses, but I LOvE the advertisement in your Read & Relax post!

    Love your blog, Rachel:)...Tell your parents, in-laws, and husband I said hello....


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