Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspirational [Cozy] Living Room

1) Book in lap  2) Fireplace lit. All those annoying things on your to-do list out of your head for a moment. Cozefest 2010 is ON. Ahhh....


  1. love this, such a beautiful room. i really like the mix of modern and cozy, and the dog just looks adorable. :) xo, katie

  2. don't you just wish we can have everything we want! like pretty living rooms like this one and a well trained dog that doesn't poo all over your new sofa? lol. *sigh*

  3. lovely living room!
    i tagged you in a post on my blog, play along if you'd like! xo jcd -

  4. ah, i love the white on white on white...


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