Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandmother!

On this day in 1927, a beautiful lady named Lilly Helen Fortune was born, or as I refer to her as simply Grandmother.

A few fun facts about this lady:

 She's on Facebook: And puts 20-year-olds to shame on how regularly she uses it.
She raised three boys. And never seemed to have a chipped nail or a hair out of place while doing it.

She's a tap dancer. And darn good at it!

She's got a crazy green thumb. You've got to see this woman's yard to believe it.

And lastly, I'm ashamed to admit, even I have trouble keeping up with her! Off to Grandmother's house I go to celebrate her 84th birthday, have a great day everyone!


  1. happy birthday to your grandmother-- she's gorgeous!!! xoxo jcd

  2. Happy BIrthday! how awesome that she's on facebook. Plus, tap dancing? Cool.

  3. Love to Helen! She DOES tend to rock, doesn't she? Wish her a happy bday from me!

  4. That's wonderful stuff actually :)

  5. Your grandmother is so stunning, and sounds like a wonderfull person. Happy belated birthday to her and your mama (:

  6. You just described my mother to a "T", and she's STILL blowin' and goin' at 85 and counting!

  7. wow Rach! She looks just like one of the old pics of grandma wright in this picture!


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