Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meet Nicole.

Nicole Moss Grillet is my bff.  I wanted to take a moment to share with you just one of the reasons why I love this gal {   this much   }.

You see,  many moons ago two [odd] art students figured out a genius way to procrastinate during college classes.Their Photoshop class was quite tedious and they had pretty much learned it on their own anyway, so they began to entertain themselves by crafting each other's faces onto random people's bodies. Over time, the images that they would send to each other ended would end up morphing into how they expressed their day-to-day emotions. From anger to encouragement, there was a photo for every feeling.  "I'm mad at her. Hey, I know!? I'll stick her face on ___'s body so I can laugh at her." 

Below is a portion of our odd collection that I would like to share with you for a laugh. I hope you enjoy these silly images and the story behind each of them.

My bad day became instantly better when I found this lovely image of myself as Wynonna Judd waiting in my inbox. Because nothing makes you feel quite as good as being Wynonna Judd.

This was my birthday present to Nicole last year. She has a thing for creepy wedding photos where the couples look like they're having an  out of body experience. ( By the way her hubby Dan, in fact, does not have a mullet. It was merely added in for overall trashy effect).

To much shock and surprise, I found this lovely pic hanging out in my Facebook photos one day.

Nicole loves Oprah. I thought meeting her would make her day extra special.

Nicole refers to me as Sarah Palin when I do my glasses/updo combo. Again, she posted this little number on Facebook much to my surprise.

Nicole wanted a new hairstyle. I gave her just the inspiration for the job.

Now for the inevitable question: What strange/awesome things do you and your friends do to give each other a laugh?


  1. Oh my! The wedding pic is just a tad creepy!

    My bestie and I send each other really ugly (ie, sarcastic, hateful) but hilarious cards. Yep. I'm the girl in the card aisle giggling out loud and occasionally....snorting. But that's not weird or anything, right? ;-)

  2. hahah o hilarious! my coworker and i did a whole photoshop thing for our holiday party last year...making everyone a celeb. lots of fun :) xoxo jcd

  3. just found your blog...

  4. haha this is too funny! I think we could totally be best friends! yayy!!

    Oh, your engagement & wedding pictures are gorgeous!

  5. Ha! These are so great! I'm actually still smiling at the Palin photo. Thanks so much for the laugh.


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