Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Wintery Weekend

Friends, what are your plans this weekend? Going somewhere fun? Staying in recuperating from your long work week?  I'm pretty psyched for this weekend cause we're (finally!) expecting a bit of snow! It never seems to make it down here in the deep south (sigh), but keeping the fingers crossed!

Whatever you get into this weekend I hope you enjoy your time away from work and/or any stresses in your life. Cheers to Friday!


  1. Oh, we've been getting tons of snow up by NY. Great for pictures, not great for driving. Enjoy your snow!

  2. I'm suppose to get together with my Mother and Grandma to use our coupons (a Christmas gift) at the nail salon :) Then I'm going to drag the boyfriend to the grocery store to stock up on food because they're calling for a lot of snow on Monday!

  3. Lucky you! I wish we'd have a little snow down here! We're expecting 98ºF for today, and it keeps raining since last night :(
    Have a great weekend! Besos

  4. Cute photo! I love it!

  5. Amber- that sounds like so much fun!

    Manu- Where are you located?

    Thanks Raquel!

  6. Love your Blog, but was so amazed at the kitty! Yes I too used to have a house kitty that I took for walks too!

  7. I'm in Argentina! It was pretty hot here yesterday :S


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