Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene's Fury

Roof blown into the water
Snapped trees everywhere
Harris Teeter passing out water and ice
Bent metal Dollar General sign
Down trees everywhere
My sis-in-law Janie enjoying a moment of relief in the eye of the hurricane. Notice her cute rain boots :)
Irene made herself known all over the east coast this weekend, mainly doing the most destruction in North Carolina and Virginia. My brother and sis-in-law were one of the unlucky ones who got the first hit, enduring almost 48 hours of the hurricane's fury.

At one point the eye was over them and they went outside to survey the damage and let their poor dogs use the bathroom for the first time in hours! They were sending me updates the entire time and even threw in a few photos of their poor pups who were absolutely stir crazy.

Did you encounter Irene? Was it better or worse than you thought it was going to be?

(Pics via my bro)


  1. So glad you guys are all ok. :) I didn't even think about the poor puppies! Aw!

  2. I certainly hope everyone was alright! It was scary even watching it on the news and I'm on the other side of the world!


  3. I did not encounter it, but it hit a lovely vacation home on Emeral Isle I visited a couple years ago and I've been hoping it didn't get too mutilated. Hope your family is doing ok out there (and the pups too)

    - Sarah

  4. That's some fury! I hope your family is doing OK.

  5. So glad you and your family (and their pups!) are okay! That storm looked nastay on the radar and worse looking at this aftermath!

  6. Morning Rachel,
    Those pics look all too familiar to we experienced 3 Hurricanes in a row, up close and personal 7 or so years ago, with Hurricane charlie
    doing the worse damage. We had 11 trees on our home, and a tornado touched down right beside us on a pine tree filled lot, and twisted the tops off all the trees and threw them in our backyard, it literally looked like someone threw a bomb out there. Shocking, and took quite a while to clean up, but we were safe and sound,
    but scary to think if that tornado had touched down just a few yards more where we would be.....and you know what else....our neighbors saw the trees fall on our house and said it looked like someone gently laid them there, and we did not have a single hole. God's hand of protection I have no doubt. He is so good.

    Glad you did well, and hope your brother and his family have no major issues. Will sure be praying for all those that are experiencing such a tough time.

    Irene passed us by.........and we are so grateful, yet so sorry for those in her path.

    Blessings, Nellie


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