Thursday, March 24, 2011

Before & After: Our new garden!

Before (Yuck!)


Lighting added to enjoy our new backyard!

As I said here, things have been very busy at the house of Wright getting ready for spring. We have baby birds singing in the backyard and the plants are growing like crazy with the warm weather we've been having.

We decided to take the few extra days I had off from work to make a butterfly garden and to plant a multitude of veggies in giant planters all over our deck. It was such a fun project and turned out much better than we had planned!

We turned on some island calypso music, made piña coladas and gardened all day in the hot sun; It was the perfect ending to our spring break vacay.

What have you been doing lately to prepare for spring? I wanna know!


  1. Wow! It looks great! Now you've inspired me to go get outside and work in my gardens...they are needing some Spring attention!

  2. Your garden is sooo charming- just love it!! And ps, HIGHLY jealous of your weather- we had a blizzard yesterday:(

  3. Oh no Christine! I'm so sorry..I promise not to rub it in :)

  4. Looks wonderful!

  5. oh that just put me in a good mood :)

  6. We had a beautiful garden on our deck last year! It makes me want to get started on it again this year... maybe this weekend.

    I LOVE your lanters and lights!

  7. WOW it looks great! I love your garden gnome ;)

  8. The garden looks lovely! I wish I had more than just a patio for my plants and flowers!
    I love your gnome!

  9. Your garden looks amazing! I hope my little one turns out even half as good as this.


  10. Adorable! The garden gnome is sooo cute.. everything looks very whimsical!

  11. Hello Rachel Dear,
    The garden looks great and I sure love that handsome, living garden gnome laying in your flower bed. He's getting his daily dose of vitamin D.
    Now you just need a bird bath and a couple of butterfly houses...and a water hubby and I love working in the yard...I wish I had your vigor.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Angel
    Simply Debbie


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