Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shweet tie, dude.

The above title was the only one that I could use simply because it's literally the only phrase that I hear my husband, my brother, or my other brother saying to one another.  I believe that somewhere there's a secret guy code rulebook which states that any and all sentences must begin or end with the word Dude when two men are engaging in convo.

Let's face it, there's only so many shirt/pant combos our poor guys can do. If I were a guy I would totally have a few of these in my tie collection.

Check out TieLab's Etsy shop here.

P.S. Hump day, WOO HOO!


  1. i LOVE the squid. i agree completely. if i only could wear a button down and slacks you got to show the party somehow!

    2 days till friday....

  2. My boyfriend would LOVE them all!

  3. Those are great. If you have to wear a tie...might as well be awesome and fun!!

  4. how fun! i really like the bee tie...
    h is a bowtie guy so theres usually fun ones to pick from. xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

  5. Love these! So awesome. :)

  6. haha! these are great!

  7. oh wow i want one of those for me!!


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