Monday, March 28, 2011

Rain Boots

With the downpour lately, I thought it was time to get out my trusty lil Target rain boots! Do you have rain boots? If so, where are they from?

I didn't get mine until last year and I am wondering how I ever made it without them. I even wore them gem mining recently (See HERE), they're so versatile!


  1. I looove rain boots. I have a pair of Polka Dot ones from I think Target....and a pair of Red ones from I can't remember where. :)

    I EASILY could start a very sick obsession with more and more rain boots! Super cute...and Target has such an amazing selection (and great prices).

  2. Mine are multi-color dots from Target, too. I can't get away with wearing them to work (boo!) but use them more than I would have ever thought. They're so fun!

  3. i love my hunters! i had the fleur de lis pair from target but they didnt last long :( such a bummmmer. ah well :) so glad its not snowing anymore! xoxo jcd

  4. Love them! Mine are Joe Fresh:) I wouldn't have survived a rainy weekend in Quebec City without them:)

  5. I want these SO bad:

    Feminine, stylish, AND functional. What else does a girl need? (maybe affordable would help!)

  6. Hunter has always been my favorite, hands down. Too cute.

  7. I have green Hunters and I adore them - if you can fit into the kids sizes (they run large) they're cheaper that way too! I use mine all the time - for gardening and the rain!

  8. i wanted a pair from target, but they didn't have my size! boo!!

  9. Mine are plain black Cabelas...but I love them! The Hatchechubbee Parading Chicks in Pearls, however, THEY lOvE their red galoshes...some plain and some polka-dotted:)!


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