Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tree Homes

Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand (By Pacific Environments Architects)
O2 Treehouse
Kadir's Tree House/Hostel, Southern Turkey (By Jon Rawlinson, Flickr)
Kobayashi Takashi Beach Rock Resort (By Wikimedia Commons)

How AH-MAZING are these tree houses? They're definitely not something that I was found playing around in as a kid!

I must apologize for being little absent lately, we were all over the place last week and to top it off, got a wild hair to build a veggie and a butterfly garden the day we got back (insanity?!). I'll post pics in the next few days– they turned out much better than we had planned!


  1. These are so cool! I wish I could live one or two days in each of them (I still prefer the ground under my feet). Besos!

  2. Love a good tree house. Those are incredible!!

  3. The fact that the first one is a restaurant makes it exponentially cooler. Can you imagine? Pass the peas, look at the trees : )

  4. i love these tree homes. i wish i could build one of these in a remote forest and live there.

  5. my dream was to live in a treehome when i was a kid.

  6. Confession, every since watching Swiss Family Robinson, I've always wanted to live like this. So amazing.

    Just discovered your blog and having a great time looking around!



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