Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello, from Virginia!

still just a country girl

Hello from Lexington, VA!

We've successfully made it to our friends' house and have had so much fun the past few days. Richard and Sara live on the outskirts of Lexington, VA on the most adorably quaint farm you could ever imagine. It looks as if it is straight out of a storybook!

Richard and Josh went kayaking down the Maury River, we toured his Law school, Washington and Lee University, we soaked up the history of Lexington and ended our trip with a sunset skeet shoot;)

It's been so nice to get away and enjoy the beauful rivers and rolling mountains of Virginia...

We're going to be camping tonight and are starting our journey to the gem mines tomorrow..stay tuned!


  1. love these photos! ahah esp the one of you shooting. way to go girl! xoxo jcd :: stop by cornflake dreams to enter a personalized print giveaway !!

  2. love the photos! I grew up in NC, so all of them make me feel a little like I'm back at home, except the skeet shooting... never did that, but I'd like to.

  3. Great pictures!!! Skeet shooting looks like so much fun!!

    Glad you guys are having a blast!

    Who does graffiti on a picturesque stone fence/railing?!? Grrr!!!!

  4. Virginia looks so beautiful & colonial! How lovely to take a little trip and explore new places. x


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