Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Golden Men

Oh, the Oscars. The pinnacle of any actor's career and the most beautiful eye candy for the rest of us. This year, I thought it would be fun to think about what I would wear if I went. The shoes! The dresses! The jewelry! could one ever decide?

When I saw Michelle Williams in her Vera Wang saffron yellow dress (with bright red lipstick I might add) I was hooked; it was the most elegant and beautiful look I had ever seen. I loved her hairstyle so much that I even asked my hair stylist to mirror the updo for my brother's wedding!

The other look I might choose is simple elegance like Miss Jolie here. Yes, it's a little black dress, but my how she stood out with those amazing emerald jewels! I definitely think this is a trend on the rise- let the jewelry speak! This would be my second option for my 'lil visit to the Academy Awards; maybe in another lifetime? ;)

And lastly, you can't leave your guy out. Call me old-fashioned, but you just can't go wrong with the classic bowtie.

Now let's head over to Ashley Nicole Catherine for our next stop on Blog crawl: A Toast to the Oscars.
xo rachel


  1. loooove this post! and i wouldnt mind having those emerald earrings either. love the men in bow ties! so classy :) oxox jcd

  2. I'm dying for this post too! as a may baby, those emeralds are calling my name ;) love Michelle Williams in yellow too...your updo for the wedding was just gorgeous! xoxo {av}

  3. You've picked two of my absolute favourite as well- ADORED Michelle Williams in that divine yellow dress and those brilliant green earrings of Ms. Jolie's had me at hello. And ps, your hair was equally gorgeous my dear. Fabulous post! xo

  4. I remember that yellow dress on Michelle Williams and thinking, "Oh! Blondes CAN wear yellow!!"

  5. Oh that yellow dress! Love the cut and color!

  6. ooh yess! michelle's gown is still one of my all-time faves. can't go wrong with a classic tux or any of those boys either ;)


  7. That necklace she wore was gorgeous. Oh, and you would ROCK the red carpet!!

  8. Beautiful earrings!
    You have a lovely blog!

    Follow me @

    Your newest follower

  9. I loved that look on Michelle Williams...I had that hairstyle saved for inspiration for my wedding, too! And LOVE a guy in a bow tie. Can't beat it!

  10. Haha I love this! Both Michelle and Angelina look great.. That yellow dress would be perfect for spring. And the bow tie is so classic and quirky-- also my preference on guys!

  11. love this post! especially the fellas in their bow ties!

  12. I'm sending your blog post to my future sister in law, so my hair can be done like that for her wedding!!!

  13. Lovely Golden Globes post...I bet you'll be watching the Academy Awards this coming Sunday too! Love your blog!

    Liesl :)


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