Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toomer's Corner Oaks Poisoned

This weekend was rough. If you haven't already heard all over the news, our [Auburn University's ] historic twin oak trees have been poisoned by an angry rival team's fan and they have a less than 1% chance of survival. If you aren't an Auburn fan I know it's hard to understand why we're so upset...

To me, this corner and more importantly, rolling these trees after a victory, has been a family affair my entire life. My grandpa passed these oaks everyday when he played football for Auburn. It's hard to see them dying, helplessly, and not be able to do anything about it. You can read all the details on CNN.com (and see me sitting on my bro-in-law's shoulders when we rolled Toomer's Corner during the national championship, blogged about HERE).

We went to the Tree Hugging Rally this Saturday; it was so sad. I couldn't help but to break down and cry seeing "Please Do Not Roll The Trees" signs everywhere. It's sad to think that I will never get to meet with my family and friends at the oaks after a victory and roll them again.

I quickly created two tee-shirt designs HERE and am going to show my support for our poor oaks...

This isn't a normal blog post for me, I just needed to share and express my sympathy. I want to write down a few of the stories of my years of fun at Toomer's Corner, but right now, I think I'm still in shock and have extreme sadness in my heart.


  1. That's beyond team rivalry...That's just plain wrong. Whoever poisoned those trees should be ashamed. I swear I want to knock folks like that over the head with a copy of Ferngully or Avatar...hard.

  2. aw lady im so sorry! i saw this story on the news and thought of you :( i cant believe the rival team would kill a tree! (it is prettttty low). anyhoo i love the tee shirt designs, such a nice idea. xoxo jcd

  3. Stay strong. The fans are mighty. I'm sorry you have to endure this vandalism and outright killing. It is truly horrible.

  4. Awful! The people doing this must be quite out of their minds.

    Our neighbours here had their field day a few years ago with our maple, taking us to court to get our 100 year old and very rare friend cut down. We "won" and my mother was exhausted and ended in hospital for weeks afterwards. When the maple got hurt in a storm last summer and had to be taken down, they danced. I couldn't watch, I can't say hello and I have no enjoyment of the garden any more, it is like it isn't mine. Hopefully it will pass, I'm very lucky to have a garden.

    A tree is much more than a thing one can cut down or hurt on a whim.

  5. sorry for the sad news, but love the shirts. they're awesome!

  6. hey girl. i was right there with you tearing up! war eagle!


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