Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vintage vacay

Do you ever have the urge to jump in the car and take off for a moment? I've got the worst case of that right now!

Is it the weather? Or maybe it's because I haven't had a vacay since my honeymoon last May? I dunno..just ignore my words and look at these fun vintage motel signs ;)

P.S. Don't forget our blog crawl-A Toast to the Oscar's this week starting with  Cornflake Dreams!


  1. Good Morning Rachel Sweetie...
    Love the vintage signs. Great post this morning. I especially love the Roadrunner sign, being from Phoenix, yep that one tugged at the old heart. Thanks for sharing this morning.

    Have a beautiful Tuesday. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. love these photos! and i totally get that urge every now and then :) you should do a weekender road-trip! xoxo jcd

  3. My husband & I have taken a few spontaneous road trips. There's nothing like it!

  4. I've been completely dreaming of a cross country road trip this week! The thought of hitting the open road and driving south and west has me starry-eyed.

  5. Love the photos and yes, for whatever reason I am totally dying for a vaca right now- just a one night retreat with no kids would make me quite happy...hotel down the road even:) Excited to see your post tomorrow!

  6. ah, I need a vacation very badly...counting DOWN the days till my honeymoon in May!

  7. Love these photos! Yes, vacations are needed - even if it's just a weekend away somewhere close!

  8. I wanna go on an RV cross-country adventure!! Hitting up some creative motels along the way.

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  10. a vacay sounds really good right now. and those vintage signs does kinda make me want to go to the nearest beach and stay at a motel.

    i tagged you on my latest post!
    check it out over here:
    ENJOy! ^__^

  11. I get that urge quite often! Try and take a day trip and if that doesn't work, start selling stuff on ebay so you can go somewhere fun :)

  12. yes, i get that urge all the time! and as soon as we do take a little trip, i'm usually ready for another one right away....


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